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Learn More About Our Automation Packages


Our Mission is to help improve your business performance and to provide a successful business strategy.

SWD Systems LLC drills, designs, automates, constructs and provides operational management of Saltwater Disposal facilities. As prior owners of SWD’s we understand first hand the challenges facing SWD Owner/Operators in today’s ever changing market. We offer our preferred design that has been proven to provide one of the industry’s highest overall performance outputs per CAPEX dollars invested. We will also be happy to provide bids for your project using your own preferred designs. We have built facilities in the harsh conditions of the Bakken and are currently constructing facilities in eastern New Mexico and West Texas. We just ask when your next RFQ goes out to bid that you give us the opportunity to show you what we can do for you

What we can do for you

We pride ourselves on top tier automated systems. All of our panels are manufactured in Texas and shipped to your facility for integration. We have standarized on Allen Bradley PLCs, as they are not only the industry leader in automation hardware, but they are the most dependable equipment on the market. This hardware is coupled with our user interface software – SWDView. SWDView is a product we developed in house to cover every aspect of operating a disposal well: driver ticket entry, injection pump operation, alarms, reports, tank battery management, remote accessibility, etc.