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SWD Systems is engaged in the automation of fluid processing facilities. The company started with the automation of Salt Water Disposal Wells in the oil and gas industry (hence the name). However, the software we have developed is tailored to suit the needs of any facility from production tank batteries, gas processing facilities, to municipal waste-water facilities. Our home office is located in Plano, TX with a satellite office in Odessa, TX serving the Permian Basin. We currently serve customers in Texas, New Mexico, and North Dakota, but are not limited to these states.

About Our Founder

A visionary with an operational excellence mindset, Eric Benavides has a proven track record in the saltwater disposal industry where he owned and operated BoreJaks Energy Services LLC. Eric designed, built and operated multi-million dollar SWD wells in North Dakota. Eric personally managed all aspects of identifying key property locations, designing, constructing and operating multiple SWD wells. Most recently, he developed innovative industry solutions for the various operation challenges seen in operating SWD wells and has created a series of patent pending advanced products to address these challenges which are expected to revolutionize the saltwater disposal industry.

Home Office

Office:  972-546-2600

1323 Columbia Drive, Richardson, TX 75081