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Creating a Competitive Edge with Production Facility Automation

All industries have competition. That goes double for oil and gas production. It’s one reason demand for our facility automation system is on the rise. If you’re a manufacturer interested in more efficient processes, lower operational costs, and increased market share, get to know our production saltwater well automation.

No matter which stage of the production process has you bottlenecking, we’ll help you offset costs and cut your production time. From assembly to packaging, the system ensures your end product is consistently exemplary and on schedule.

SWD Systems may have gotten its start with produced water disposal facilities, but we have since evolved into a turn-key solution provider for oil facilities, gathering stations, unit/flow computer integration, and gas systems. Our Production Facility Automation system has core competencies that can handle everything from simple well-pad data gathering and reporting to full automation.

If you’re feeling the pressure to improve your energy efficiency, cut expenditures, or simply need assistance controlling the production environment, these facility automation solutions can help exceed your goals. The system optimizes a variety of key metrics, monitoring, and controls as designated by you, designed by us. Facility managers also enjoy remote monitoring and mobile alarm systems so you never have to wonder about the status of your overall operation.

Are you in a highly regulated industry? In addition to helping you control and keep tabs on your processes, we’ll also maintain detailed records to ensure you meet all documentation compliance requirements for your sector. Our facility automation systems have been engineered for this express purpose, meaning you never have to worry about the results of a plan or unplanned audit.

SWD Systems has highly trained, industry-specific engineers and technicians ready to install automation solutions and upgrades without disrupting your daily production goals. Our systems are designed and programmed to give you mobile applications that make automating your manufacturing facilities easy. We invite you to contact us today and learn more about how we can help you work safer, not harder.