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What Makes SWD Automation Unique

These days, oil and gas production is an unpredictable economy. Automating your site’s saltwater disposal (SWD) system helps keep it efficient and profitable. SWD Automation also protects it from costly environmental calamities and potentially disastrous oversights.

SWD Systems uses its extensive saltwater well management and oilfield experience to create a SAAS (software as a service) specially designed to act as your eyes and ears, no matter where you are onsite. With our advanced SWD applications supporting your operators, you can keep your expenses lean and your profit margins full.

We also believe a fully automated saltwater disposal facility is a safe one. That’s why we offer a variety of packages with sensors, alarms, and monitors to help you automate your facility from valve to barrel.

Here’s a closer look at how our robust automation system can help you increase your oversight while reducing your operational expenditure.

  • We automate every aspect of a saltwater disposal facility, from ticketing to invoicing. This means less manpower and increased reporting accuracy onsite.
  • Our focus is on providing a fully automated and safe facility that makes customized monitoring and remote operations easy. We’ll keep a lookout 24/7, immediately alerting you to potential tank overflows or pipe leaks before they become a problem.
  • Our fully automated facilities can significantly reduce operational expenditure and decrease downtime for our clients. We customize your data collection giving you an opportunity to make corrections from your internet connection based on thorough regulatory reporting metrics.
  • Our environmental track record is spotless. From PR headaches to clean-up fines we understand how damaging spills and leaks can be. It’s just one more way our SWD automation system works to protect your company.

We look at every aspect of leak potential, tank overrun, and wellhead integrity. Through a combination of well-placed sensors, backup sensors, communication loss monitoring, and user access provisioning – we feel our product is the most foolproof and thoroughly tested system on the market.

Ready to prioritize profits while safeguarding your facility against the unexpected? Experienced techs are standing by to deliver and install the saltwater well automation system in a flash. Contact us today!